Management Services

Request a custom proposal online or call (916) 676-2787 to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff takes pride in providing the most professional services tailored to our client’s individual needs. We understand that no two residential properties are the same, not are our clients. We strive to ensure that our client’s investments are cared for with utmost integrity. The Following is an example of services we provide:

Property Evaluation

  • Rental analysis to establish rental vacancies.
  • Access property, check condition and make recommendations. * Coordinate and/or assist owner to make property available.

Vacancy Marketing

  • Advertise vacancies on our web site.
  • Place a full size “For Rent” sign on the property.
  • Place advertisement in the paper. (Clients pay actual costs).
  • Show property to prospective tenants.
  • Maintain excellent “curb appeal”.
  • Network with Real Estate Companies and Relocation Companies.

Tenant Screening

  • Screen all perspective applicants with detailed rental application.
  • Check credit history, rental, employment, & income verification.
  • Review all applications with homeowner.
  • Negotiate, prepare, and execute lease agreement with required disclosures.
  • Collect deposit and rents.
  • Obtain a move in inspection walk through with tenant.

Monthly Services

  • Strict and Firm Collection polices.
  • 24 hour maintenance line.
  • Coordinate repairs, with licensed vendors, (Clients pay actual costs).
  • Pay bills associated with the property.
  • Pay utilities on the owner’s behalf and bill the tenant’s for reimbursement if necessary.
  • Perform monthly drive by inspections.
  • Perform periodic interior inspections as needed.
  • Prepare and serve all legal notices required to enforce the terms of the lease.
  • Disburse rent proceeds to the homeowner with monthly statements and any invoices paid. Direct deposit available to all owners’.
  • Provide an itemized record of all income and expenses monthly.
  • Coordinate evictions, if needed.

Request a custom proposal online or call (916) 676-2787 to schedule an appointment.